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Being Injured. Or, it's ok not to be fine

A funny thing happened the other day. For the first time in as far as I can remember I got an injury. Not an ache, a pain - an injury. Climbing had done me over, or rather I had done myself over climbing. The course of true love never did run smooth . - Shakespeare It had been a long day at work, each hour seeming like so much more, and I'd decided the only way to unwind was to climb. So there I was, hands chalked and ready. Half way up a route and approaching a state of flow. Left hand here, right foot there. Flag out wide, reach up for the crimp and... pop . A feeling like lightening, electricity shooting up my arm. Instinctively I pull away and fall. The landing is fine; that's not the problem. The issue is my grip or lack thereof. The Lovers - Rene Magritte Devastated I was, am, about it all. That must have been close to five weeks ago now and still I'm unable to climb. An embarrassing trip to the wall yesterday shows that much. This doesn't happen to me.