The Half Hour Ramble: Setting Sail, or Why We Need Release

A new post, but not the one I was expecting to pen. Next on the list was the after action review of a hike we (two friends and I) did a week or so ago... And it's coming, I promise. Work has me wrapped up tightly and as a result it's a struggle to put together something that I would be happy enough to release into to the wild. The good news is that between the photos made and scribbles in notebooks there's enough material to put together something that would be interesting for you - but sorely lacking is the glue of time that would bind it into a cohesive whole. We will get there. It's not looking to be this week, but soon. Promise.

The Red Vineyard - Vincent van Gogh

Looked at in a certain way it's funny. A sorta cosmic irony that a blog about getting out and doing more is fixed in place. But if anything, let this serve as a reminder that we need release. What I mean is that we need ways to unload and free ourselves. But equally, without trial and tribulation there is nothing to release yourself from, no freedom to be had. Robert Greene said that "too many  people believe that everything must be pleasurable in life". This isn't to suggest that everything should bring displeasure, but that periods of business and stress, of doubt and worry are ok. I don't expect you to believe so at the time -- I sure as hell don't - but these are the moments that shape character. "A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials", as per Seneca.

I have always found writing to help during periods like this. Similar to reading or listening to music, concentrating myself like this gives a sense of liberation from whatever is going on in my head. Sometimes I will be too restless to read, too distracted to write, or too busy to listen but like a game of Rock Paper Scissors there always seems to be a way to get there. It is just that this way needs to be found. The examples I give are productive ones: from writing comes understanding, from reading comes wisdom, from hearing comes perspective. These are all learning opportunities; there is a certain goodness of character to be gained from purposefully applying yourself that is distinct from scrolling endlessly the feeds of friends. If you feel the same about working your way through facebook, then all I suggest is that you try reaching out to your friends. Go for a coffee, learn first hand about what they have been up to recently, really catchup with them... But don't pretend that this is the same as reading status updates. This is a distraction, one only serving to get in the way of your development. Grit the teeth, accept the discomforts, work to understand, accept, and overcome.
It does not matter what you bear, but how you bear it - Seneca
This post is a trial of something new. I've set aside twenty minutes to write, ten minutes to revise, and then I'll publish. My usual MO is to revise, revise, and revise again but I feel like there could be a benefit to opening my head and seeing what falls out. It could flop, but nothing will be lost by trying. I still hope you can find something in it, even if "it" proves to be more for my benefit than yours. Insight into the mind, stream of consciousness, whatever~

And that's time at the bar. With my editing done, I've clocked in at 35 minutes. A little longer than I would have liked, but what is five minutes but 300 seconds or a twelfth of an hour? I'm sorta excited to explore this rabbit hole further, and hope to see you around for the journey.


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