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PXR001: There And Back Again: A Circular Route From Edale

"A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to" - J. R. R. Tolkien  A little later than I would have liked, perhaps - but true to my word regardless. Here we are at the start of the first post expedition review, or PXR. What will follow is to include an account of the trip as well as the important but oft overlooked aspect of planning considerations. Should you get to the end of the post and find yourself in a position to recreate what we did a few weeks ago, well, my writing has served its purpose. Of course, it is wonderful to wax lyrical about what happened and it's certainly important that this is done, but don't forget that this is but one cog in a much bigger machine. Without considering the logistics of travel, accommodation, and booze, of water, food, and fuel, of weather, route, and going... Well, there'd be no adventure in the first place. Without further ado, here we go. The View From Our Campsite Aims

The Half Hour Ramble: Setting Sail, or Why We Need Release

A new post, but not the one I was expecting to pen. Next on the list was the after action review of a hike we (two friends and I) did a week or so ago... And it's coming, I promise. Work has me wrapped up tightly and as a result it's a struggle to put together something that I would be happy enough to release into to the wild. The good news is that between the photos made and scribbles in notebooks there's enough material to put together something that would be interesting for you - but sorely lacking is the glue of time that would bind it into a cohesive whole. We will get there. It's not looking to be this week, but soon. Promise. The Red Vineyard - Vincent van Gogh Looked at in a certain way it's funny. A sorta cosmic irony that a blog about getting out and doing more is fixed in place. But if anything, let this serve as a reminder that we need release . What I mean is that we need ways to unload and free ourselves. But equally, without trial and tribulat