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An Introduction: The Goodness Of The Outdoors

The virtues of travel, dirtbag climber writes, live life elsewhere - these are all phrases clouded in the fog of pretense that have been used to describe what I hope this place will become. During the week I work, like most people reading this will, a nine-to-five gig. My job is great, it fulfills me in most of the right ways and consequently any negatives can be comfortably ignored. But there is still a hankering for  something else , a longing to get out and away from comforts, to learn new things, to explore. I don't remember a time when this feeling wasn't there, and I don't imagine it will go away anytime soon. So, here we are. Wanderer Above The Sea of Fog - Caspar David Friedrich Each journey starts and ends in the same place, that is, the beginning - there and back again in the words of Tolkien. This is the beginning of my blog. This post will tell you a little about myself, the next a little about this place, and the one after a little bit about where I